The Proposal

We are seeking feedback on outline proposals for up to 62 new homes on land off Horns Lane in High Wycombe.    

In developing the proposals, considerable care and attention has been given to the characteristics of the site and its context, including the relationship to our neighbours. 

As an outline application, we are looking at the high-level detail – the scheme in principle, the location and any potential issues with the plans at this stage. Should planning be granted, a second, detailed proposal (known as a reserved matters application) will be made, looking much closer at the design and other specific elements of the plans.

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Application Boundary

Proposed Houses

Existing Trees

Proposed Trees

Existing Hedges

Access into Site

Main Road

Pavement and Shared Surface Area

Pedestrian Route


Public Green Areas

Proposed Garden Wall

The Detail

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Design and Masterplan

As an outline application, the proposals look at the general layout including where the homes will go, the roads, open space, parking, access etc. In terms of the houses, the proposals look at size, location and height but not at design. 


Our aim is to create a quality development, with strong place making, good open space, somewhere people will enjoy living.

What's Next

We would welcome your feedback on the emerging proposals as we work towards submitting a planning application later this year. Should planning be granted, a Reserved Matters Application (a more detailed application) would follow probably early next year and subject to that, work could start towards the end of 2021.  We will update this website once the application has been submitted.

Your opinion is very important to us.


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