Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Buckinghamshire Council doing this? 

Like all Local Authorities in the UK, we have a responsibility, and challenge, to deliver housing and meet our targets. Horns Lane is located in a sustainable location and was determined as a suitable site for housing. Because it’s owned by the Council, it also means we will use the money from the sale of the houses to fund council services. 

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets out the long-term vision for the District, identifying where new homes, jobs and infrastructure (e.g. transport, schools, open spaces) are best placed and how best to protect our special environment. 


Isn’t there a conflict of interest with you determining your own planning application? 

It is not uncommon for Council’s to submit their own applications. Officers will treat them no differently to public applications and, if anything, may be harder on them. We will still consider all feedback and want to deliver a quality development that meets our principles. 


Has the site been taken out of the Green Belt?

The recently adopted High Wycombe District Local Plan removed the site from the statutory Green Belt and allocated it for new homes. 


What impact is this development likely to have on amenities such as GP services, schools and public transport?

In short, this should have a positive impact. As part of the Local Plan, GPs, schools and public transport are all planning for growth.


Will the allotments adjacent to the paddocks remain?

Yes, they will not be touched. 

Has pollution from the M40 been considered?

The site’s proximity to the M40 has been a central focus for the development team. We are currently carrying out both noise and air quality assessments for the site. An acoustic barrier is being considered however early feedback suggests this won’t be needed. Mitigation for air quality may also be included if deemed necessary.